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Stay Within Your Vacation Budget, the Little Things to Pack

Stay Within Your Vacation Budget, the Little Things to Pack

When you go on a vacation it’s very easy to go way over budget and spend a lot more money than you ever thought possible. Often when you actually break all your extra over budget spending down it’s the little things that really do add up.

So packing smart is the best option to avoid all those little expenses building up. Often you will be in a tourist destination so prices could be double what you would pay at home!

Here are some basic essentials to pack, assuming it’s a sunny break you are embarking on.

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Sun cream and after sun – Such easy items to say “we will just grab some when we get there” but if these creams are expensive enough as it is, let alone with added tourist tax!
Water bottles – Pack a good size, good quality BPA free plastic or stainless steel canteen for each member of the family. These can be filled with water before leaving for each day to help minimize unneeded fluid purchases… Sadly beer doesn’t carry too well in these!
3G Enabled Phone (if you have one) – Check first to see what fees you will incur but if you can set up a good deal before you go to ensure you have on line capabilities it could actually save you cash. Instant restaurant reviews, maps and locations of local services at your finger tips could save you from being ripped off!
City / Area Guide – If you don’t have access to the net then a recent area guide could be essential. I can’t count the amount of times the Lonely planet has saved me cash, in fact they could be 3 times the price and still worthwhile in my eyes!
Warm Clothes – As sunny and hot as your destination may be, it’s often the cash that some points of your vacation may be colder than you anticipated. pack a sweater at least to stop any last minute purchases.
Swim Shorts and Suits – Do not forget your pool attire! It’s often overlooked and can be very very pricey at the beach / hotel area.
You also want to ensure that the vacation itself fits your budget so check out these cheap vacation ideas [] or more specifically a profile of a budget Egypt vacation [] for more great tips on saving a wad of cash.

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