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A Traveler’s Guide to Spending Summer in Japan

A Traveler’s Guide to Spending Summer in Japan

The Best Places in Japan for Budget Travelers

Japan is one of the most gifted regions in the world. Summer vacations in Japan are especially stunning. As the winter rains slowly disappear, Japan’s summer months get packed with street festivals, celebrations involving unique firework displays, and delicious food in every street corner. Summer months are also the ideal time for relaxing on the beach and exploring the mythical nature parks spread across the country. However, one attraction that truly stands out is observing the myriad of flower blooms and the artistic depictions of these flowers.

What to Expect After Landing

Contrary to popular opinion, Japan is as hot as any equatorial region during the summer. Expect an average temperature of 30°C. Japan also suffers from high humidity levels, so prepare for such conditions by carrying cotton clothes. The mountainous regions of the country typically experience pleasant subtropical climates during this season. Hiking during the summer in Japan is a great way to beat the heat. But, make sure to carry proper rain gear as it does rain a lot in these regions. As fall approaches (September-November), you get to witness cherry blossoms all across the country. Beautiful autumn leaves cover the streets as summer season slowly comes to an end.

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What to Carry on Your Trips

Always bring heavy-duty rain gear on camping trips. Before you decide to embark on a long-distance hike, make sure to check the weather forecasts. Although the rainy season in Japan is not as severe as in other subtropical regions, extreme outdoor activities are not recommended for first-time visitors. Your travel kit should consist of – a foldable umbrella, waterproof shoes, raincoats, and emergency food supplies. If you’re on a group tour, stick with other tourists. Most urban areas are jam-packed with crowds. You’ll truly get the sense of Japan’s unique culture and customs.

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