1. Research visa requirements: Make sure you research the visa requirements for the country you are travelling to, and ensure that you apply for the visa well in advance of your trip.

2. Check your passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned travel dates and has enough blank pages for entry/exit stamps.

3. Currency exchange: Research currency exchange rates and options for exchanging currency before you go. It’s always a good idea to carry some cash with you.

4. Pack light: Keep your luggage to a minimum as you’ll need to move it around often. Be mindful of the airline’s baggage restrictions.

5. Stay connected: Carry a power bank and charger for your phone as well as a universal adapter. You’ll want to stay connected to ensure you can make last-minute travel arrangements.

6. Pack smart: Separate your valuables and carry them in your hand baggage. Consider carrying a photocopy of your passport, emergency contacts, and travel insurance.

7. Be on time: Arrive at the airport plenty early, especially if you have never flown from this airport before.

8. Book your accommodation in advance: Make sure you have a confirmed accommodation booking and don’t leave it until the last minute to book.

9. Know where you’re going: Research the location of your hotel or Airbnb, and if needed, pre-book transport from the airport.

10. Be respectful of local customs: Research and understand local customs and laws to avoid any unintentional offense. Dress appropriately and respect local cultures and beliefs.